M60 7.62mm Machine Gun
(Replica Display Model)
Limited model, custom built to non-firing standard.

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Non-firing replica display model

This exact replica of M60 7.62mm machine gun defies belief - so real are the details of parts. It is not even comparable to resin models as each one of the parts in this model have been factory manufactured with industrial processing. Weighing a hefty 5,500g it makes a perfect Vietnam War display and is sure to be the attention catcher in any collection. It can even take real 7.62mm ammo belts!

Price: $1185.00
Vietnam War Guns
Functional rear sight
Functional carry handle
Functional cocking handle
Functional bipod
Functional feed tray
Primarily metal construction
Very sturdy
Non-firing, does not fire
Completely safe to operate
    and own
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