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Our company specializes in highly accurate and fully functional airsoft, display and plug fire cartridge replica guns. These replicas can be used for old fashioned re-enactment, airsoft re-enactment, display, propping or recreational home use. Manufactured in Japan our high-end replicas surpass any budget models in the market in materials , details, durability and functions provided. The production of these replicas has a long history in Japan and many Vietnam War gun models were made in 1980s and 1990s thanks to the success of Vietnam War movies like "Platoon", "Full Metal Jacket", "Hamburger Hill" and "Apocalypse Now".  We here at Vietnam War Guns strive to provide many out-of-production and collectible models and accessories that are hard to find these days. Please feel to contact us with any requests

Vietnam War event organizers, webmasters and media producers are encouraged to contact us for co-operation (please access A-Team page here), We also provide discounts for re-enactor and living history groups who can claim their discount from A-Team page. Please see our other site World War II Guns for world's largest selection of WW2 infantry weapon replicas.


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