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Vietnam War Guns A-Team is recruiting members for a special operations near you.
Read below to find out who are actively recruited and fill out the form to contact us.
* Banner Team
By posting one of our banners to your website you will qualify for permanent and cumulative 5% discount, bi-monthly raffle of free merchandise and will receive complementary website linking at Vietnam War Guns.

Requirements for websites
Your website must be independent domain (ie. Free hosting services websites can be sometimes accepted, but only if the popularity and content qualifies it

* Re-Enactor Team
Re-enactors whose organization is registered with us will receive cumulative 10% discount as long as the organization is active (ie. maintains internet presence). Registered organizations are also drawn to our bi-monthly raffle of free merchandise.
* Event Organizers
Every year we sponsor selected Vietnam War related events. Event participants and organizers receive benefits from Vietnam War Guns such as discounts and free merchandise. You can apply for sponsorship at any time. Sponsored events will be also strongly featured at our site.
* Media Producers
Does your organization need Vietnam War related firearms or their replicas for latest production? Or would your organization be interested of mutual promotion? Contact us to learn more about ways we can assist you.

* VWG Positions
No open positions at the moment.

A-team Sign Up Form

First Name: Last Name:
Website: Email address:
Delivery address: Telephone:
Company/Organization: Company/Organization URL:
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Event Website:
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Which part(s) of the A-team are you interested in?

Banner Team
Re-Enactor Team
Event Organizers
Media Producers

Any Additional Comments?

US Army Green Beret A-Teams and a Vietnam War
A-Team is a still a actively used term for 12-man detachment of US Army Special Forces (aka Green Berets) in which each member is a specialist of his own trade (communications, medic, weapons, etc.) and at least NCO in rank. The team is fully capable of operating behind enemy lines and its main purpose is to raise counter insurgency force or aid one already existing. In Vietnam War A-Teams operated in extremely remoted locations in Vietnam and Laos with counterparties such as CIDG strike forces and indigenous mountrain tribesmen Montagnards. A-Teams and local indineous forces lead by them were often a thorn in side of the VC and NVA who, in bizarre nature of Vietnam War, had tables suddenly turned on them by skilled low resource guerrilla-type forces while in meantime somewhere else n Vietnam they were engaged by firepower reliant high resource consuming conventional forces.

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