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M14, M16, M60, M79, AK47, RPG, RPK
Fully Functional & Firing Replica Guns

  Footage: XM177E2 cap firing model gun semi & automatic firing
  Footage: Worlds largest Vietnam War airsoft re-enactment event.

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Vietnam War Guns supplies high-end model and airsoft infantry weapon replicas of Vietnam War. Whatever your needs, our selection consist of weapons used by US Army, USMC, US Air Force, US Special Forces units, South Vietnamese Army, Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army.

Those who look for realism our plug fire cartridge (PFC) model guns recreate muzzle flash, smoke, ejecting shell and firing sound in astounding accuracy. PFC model guns are our recommended #1 choice for Vietnam War re-enactors. Dummy model guns are similar to PFC versions and are great for display and collecting. Airsoft guns are great for live war gaming and even re-enactment for those who seek fun action mixed with simulated infantry combat - no one gets hurt for real.


Interested in World War II infantry weapons? Visit our division World War II Guns!

Pistols: Browning P35 High Power, Colt M1911A1, Tokarev TT-33, S&W .38, S&W Model 39

Submachine guns: S&W M76, M3A1 Grease Gun, MP40, Thompson M1A1, PPSh-41, Walther MPL

Rifles: Arisaka Type 38, Arisaka Type 99, G3, Kar 98k, M1 Garand, Springfield M1903, M14, SKS

Assault rifles & carbines: AK47, Colt CAR-15 Model 607 Commando, M1 Carbine, M16, M16E1, M16A1, M653, M655, XM177E1, XM177E2, GAU-5/A_M630

Shotguns: Ithaca M37

Sniper rifles: XM21/M21, SVD

General-purpose machine guns: MG34, M60, Stoner Mk63

Light machine guns: BAR, RPD, Type 96

Grenade Launchers: M79, M203

Hand grenades: MkII Pineapple, M26

Anti-tank weapons: RPG-7, M72A2 LAW

Mines: M18 Claymore

You are viewing imitation toy gun products that cannot be converted to shoot lethal projectile. This imitation toy gun cannot use real firearm ammunition such as blanks nor cannot it use metal BBs. Although some products might be available for 18-year olds these products can be only purchased by over 18-year olds. All imitation toy guns that are purchased to United States come with blaze orange muzzle.
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